Blue Bioeconomy Forum – Roadmap for the blue bioeconomy

Authors: Andreas LigtvoetFrédéric João MaierAsel DoranovaDerek EatonTatjana GuznajevaMargaux Le GallouLisanne SaesLolke SijtsmaBen van den BroekJeroen KalsMarnix PoelmanRuslan Zhechkov

Language: English

Publication date: 31st December 2019

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum brought together industry, public authorities, academia, and finance in order to strengthen Europe’s competitive position in the emerging blue bioeconomy.

The aim of the forum was to develop a shared understanding of the current status of the emerging blue bioeconomy in Europe and to collectively identify strategic developments, market opportunities, appropriate financial assistance, regulatory actions and research priorities to advance the blue bioeconomy in Europe. The forum sought to exploit synergies between blue bioeconomy sectors that can benefit from innovative uses of aquatic biomass. It looked into biomass sourcing for particular (novel) purposes, such as animal feed and feed additives, food products (functional, fermented or fried), pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics. Particular attention was also given to the valorisation and use of remainder for other applications (e.g. valorisation of chitin, shells and other bioactive components).

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum secretariat was managed by Technopolis Group and Wageningen University and Research. To ensure the engagement of the wider community of stakeholders, consultations on promising new initiatives and a roadmap for 2025 have been organised  through open stakeholders’ events and open online discussions.

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