A study of state funding of universities and colleges in The Netherlands, Norway and Austria

Publication date: 19 June 2018 | Report language: SV

Technopolis Group’s Swedish subsidiary, Faugert & Co Utvärdering AB, has, on behalf of  Swedish Enterprise, carried out a study on how funding for universities and colleges takes place in The Netherlands, Norway and Austria and to assess how well their systems seem to work.

The context of this study is to develop insights and an evidence base to contribute to the national review of the management of higher education institutions which was announced recently by the Swedish Government. The goal of the Government is for Sweden to be one of the world’s leading research and innovation countries and a leading knowledge nation, where high quality Research, higher education and innovation lead to community development, to increase the competitiveness of business and to respond to the social challenges we face both in Sweden and globally.

Göran Melin and Elin Berglund prepared the study and  the case study on Norway. Brigitte Tiefenthaler at the Technopolis Group office in Vienna and Alexander Buitenhuis at the Technopolis Group Amsterdam office prepared the case study of Austria  and The Netherlands respectively. Sebastian Eriksson Berggren supported with further contributions.