Yasmina Korval 


Offices: France
Email: yasmina.korval@technopolis

Yasmina Korval has developed expertise in public policy evaluation with a recent particular interest in environment and regional development policy. She has contributed to evaluations, impact assessment and studies for international, European and national public bodies. She has applied successfully a range of methods such network analysis, interviews, surveys, case studies, desk research, literature reviews, statistical analysis and benchmarking studies.

Recently Yasmina has contributed to several studies and evaluations on international and French policies and development program. She was recently involved in the data analysis for the education strategie and Initiative. She participated in the evaluation of the Aide Alimentaire Programmée evaluation of the MEAE by provaiding report note.

Technopolis Group is her first ever employement experience. Yasmina is currently a political and social sciences student at the Institute of Political Studies of Saint-Germain-En-Laye, in France, where she complete her first years in an international relations master degree. She is fluent in English, French, Creol and has knowledges in Spanish and Portugese.