Vineta Goba

Principal Consultant

Offices: Netherlands

Vineta Goba works as a Principial Consultant Green Economy at Technopolis Amsterdam office. Her expertise comprises environment, biodiversity and nature conservation, climate change and decarbonisation policies, just transition, and socio-economic analysis/ development. She posess over 25 years of experience in multidisciplinary project/ programme management, implementation and evaluation (including budget and staff considerations), policy research and advice.

Vineta has expert level knowledge in international environmental governance, evaluation and impact assessment, proven experience in performing qualitative/quantitative analysis, preparation of various documents (including position and policy papers, progress, technical and evaluation reports, specialized presentations and publications), organization and facilitation of meetings, workshops, and conferences (up to 100 people; both physical and web-based, using SKYPE, WEBEX, MS Teams, ZOOM), targeted consultations and web-based surveys. Throughout her career, Vineta has been coordinating the implementation of numerous complex projects, therefore she also gained significant experience in project coordination and management.

Vineta is well skilled in qualitative data analysis methods such as literature reviews, case studies, document analysis, in-depth interviews, and other. She also has some experience in applying quantitative approaches, especially, surveys.

Vineta completed her dual Masters of Science (MSc) degree in Geography at University of Latvia; and Environmental Management at EPCEM (interdisciplinary postgraduate course, coordinated by University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Her working languages are Latvian, English, Russian, Lithuanian, and Dutch.

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