Renée Robbers


Offices: Netherlands

Renée Robbers is Research Analyst at Technopolis Group in Amsterdam. At Technopolis, she mainly works on projects related to Health & Life Sciences. She has experience with a broad range of both qualitative and quantitative research methods, such as developing, conducting and analysing questionnaires and interviews, setting up workshops, focus group discussions and stakeholder analyses.

Renée has an academic background in Psychobiology (at the Universiteit van Amsterdam) and International Public Health (at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam). During her studies, she focused on cognitive neuroscience, infectious diseases, (international) health policy, (international) healthcare systems and biochemical sciences. Because of several research internships she got familiar with analysing, formulating and implementing strategies for dealing with complex societal issues in an interactive – using multiple research methods – and interdisciplinary manner. During these internships, Renée wrote theses about food security, health interventions and gender inequality, while working together with organisations such as the FAO and UNICEF.

Next to her studies, Renée has fulfilled several student-assistant jobs, for instance at the Efficiency Studies team of ZonMw and the interdisciplinary Community Service Learning team at the VU. Now, aside from her work at Technopolis, Renée is a board member of an informal network of young researchers in the Netherlands.