Raffael Krismer

Senior Consultant

Offices: Austria
Email: raffael.krismer@technopolis-group.com

Raffael Krismer is a Senior Consultant at Technopolis Austria. His expertise stems from his research in the philosophy of science, as well as his experiences in working as a consultant for both private and public organizations. In his work, he applies a range of methodological approaches including qualitative ones (conceptual analysis, desktop research, case-studies and interviews) as well as quantitative ones (modern approaches to statistical analysis, data exploration, data visualization and modeling techniques).

Raffael Krismer studied Physics and Philosophy at the University of Oxford (2010-2014). Subsequently (2015-2019), he was a researcher at the University of Vienna in the context of the interdisciplinary doctoral program “The sciences in historical, philosophical and cultural contexts“, where he completed his PhD focusing on the philosophy of science and quantum physics. From 2019-2021 he was employed as an advisor at Wagner, Elbling & Company, a consultancy firm specialized on the energy sector. There, he worked on consulting projects covering operational and strategic topics, such as IT and digitalization, data science, analytics and forecasting and on the implementation of EU and national regulatory standards. In 2021, he started working for Technopolis Austria.

Raffael Krismer is bilingual (German and English).

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