Mosuru Olukayode Abiodun Alli

Senior Consultant

Offices: Ivory Coast

Mosuru Olukayodé Abiodun Alli is a Senior Consultant at Technopolis African. With over five years of dedicated experience in international trade-related economics, Mosuru has made significant contributions to various facets of economic analysis, policy development, and trade facilitation.

Mosuru’s professional journey began with a solid academic foundation, earning a Master of Science in Statistics and Economics from the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSEA), Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. His master’s thesis, which delved into the potential impact of the African Continental Free Trade Area on the exports of Côte d’Ivoire using the Gravity model, demonstrated his early commitment to understanding and shaping the economic landscape of his region.

Mosuru’s professional journey has taken him across various regions, including Congo, Guinea, Togo, and Burundi, where he has actively contributed to projects aimed at enhancing trade integration and economic development. His roles have ranged from consultancy assignments focused on regulatory audits and market analysis to supporting the development of national strategies for trade promotion and development.

At the World Trade Organization, Mosuru contributed to various to in such as services regulatory data updates, the implementation of services trade restrictions indices, as well as supporting negotiation on Investment Facilitation for Development. With a track record of supporting AfCFTA negotiations, conducting regulatory audits, and facilitating trade promotion strategies, Mosuru remains dedicated to driving sustainable economic growth and fostering inclusive development across regions.

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