Makany Touré


Offices: Ivory Coast

Makany is a consultant who joined Technopolis Group in 2021. With a master’s in international relations and public administration, Makany has gained a dynamic work experience since 2018. With her deep interest for the international sector, she has knowledge of data analyses, international management, and fund development.  

She has strong understanding of the international sector and works well in fast-paced environments. She recently worked for the World Bank Group as a Short-term consultant, where she has brought her research and analytical skills to facilitate general report and statistical inferences. Before that, she has developed client proposals for new business opportunities, wrote reports on intergovernmental meetings, worked with a large volume of data, and provided predictive analysis for a research project. 

Makany has worked with different organisations such as APCO Worldwide in Washington DC, USA, and the World Food Programme (United Nations) In Geneva, Switzerland. Therefore, she has built an effective, creative, and adaptive leadership skills from living in 5 countries, with native proficiency in French. 

As a vice president of the Global Sharing Program, Makany is a true leader by designing programs and supervise committees by applying her management and strategic skills. She was also an ambassador for the UNSCO as she brought weekly awareness on different matters, and shared potential solutions to humanitarian violations.  

She has been a part of academic projects in which she created comprehensive budgets, built project proposals, and participated in a conflict management and team building training with Catherine Gerard- designer of an award-winning management training and organizational effectiveness system for the New York State Governor. 

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