Lath Essoh

Intern Analyst

Offices: Ivory Coast

Lath ESSOH is an intern analyst who recently joined the African office of Technopolis Group. He has excellent skills in quantitative method and economic policy analysis. He has contributed to evaluations, impact assessments and studies for international and regional government agencies. He has successfully applied a range of methods such as data analysis, case studies, literature searches, and statistical analyses.

Recently, Lath has contributed to several studies and evaluations of R&D and innovation support programs in Africa. His work with Technopolis Group focuses on public policy evaluation. Lath’s main areas of interest are green growth, finance, innovation, private sector development, taxation and public finance.

Lath received his undergraduate degree in quantitative economics from the University Institute of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. He will soon hold a master’s degree from the University of Clermont Auvergne-CERDI. He works in French and English.

Previous relevant studies include:

  • Feb. 2022: Impact of the Covid-19 on the Budget Deficit: Case of Italy
  • Jan. 2022: Effectiveness of Total VAT Exemptions on Social Housing Transfers in Morocco
  • May 2021: Institutional Quality and Economic Growth in Ivory Coast
  • Jan. 2021: Analysis of the Tuberculosis Control Program in Ivory Coast
  • Jan. 2021: Financing Health Care Institutions: Activity-Based Pricing, France
  • Oct. 2020: Verification Of The Non-Linear Specification Of The Okun Law
  • Dec. 2020: Financial Liberalization And Monetary Policy Effectiveness In The WAEMU Area