Johan Nylander

Johan Nylander is a senior consultant at Technopolis Group, based in Sweden. With a background in social research and experience from working in different roles in the energy sector, Johan has become an internationally recognised expert in climate policy. Throughout a period of almost twenty years, he has been involved in the establishment of the EU ETS, the operationalisation of the Kyoto Protocol and in particular its mechanisms the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation. Johan has performed commissioned research on how to incentivise and finance emission reductions in various sectors in several developing countries, for instance analysing the conditions for diffusion of renewable micro grid solutions in the Philippines and Thailand. He has been a member of the Swedish delegation to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Johan has provided analytical work related to the international climate change negotiations under the UNFCCC to Governments as well as multilateral institutions.

Southeast Asia has been the geographical focus for Johan’s work during the most recent years, notably as project manager for international research projects and working as staff consultant for the Asian Development Bank, planning and implementing capacity building workshops in countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. Johan is leading a research project on the role of international climate finance in the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contribution of Indonesia. He also has experience from Africa, including field work in Mozambique and developing an Adaptation Benefit Mechanism for the African Development Bank.