Lianne Hoeijmakers

Senior Consultant

Offices: Netherlands

Lianne is a Senior Consultant in Health & Life Sciences at Technopolis B.V. from January 2023. She has expertise in pharmaceutical policy, healthcare systems, clinical research and care
for patients. Throughout her career, Lianne has gained extensive experience in conducting literature reviews, reflected in several published scientific reviews, and other desk research, interviews and questionnaires.  Before starting at Technopolis, Lianne worked at the pharmaceutical company Novartis in the medical department, with a focus on the neuroscience portfolio and responsible for, among other things, clinical research and market  research for new therapies for neurological disorders.

Lianne trained as a biomedical scientist and neurobiologist at the University of Amsterdam. After a master’s degree in neuroscience, she successfully completed a PhD trajectory focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and factors that influence pathology. Lianne is fluent in
Dutch (mother tongue) and English.