Carmen Moreno


Offices: Brussels - Policy consulting

Carmen Moreno is a consultant based in the Brussels Office of Technopolis Group, specialising in quantitative analysis, mainly on statistical and big data methods such as NLP.  Her main areas of focus are on industrial policy and STI policies, where she has applied her expertise and skills through exercises such evaluation, foresight studies, impact assessments and development of monitoring frameworks. Currently, Carmen is an integral part of the core team for the project “Monitoring the performance of EU industry and industrial ecosystem (EISMEA),” where she is responsible for data collection and analysis of investment and startup indicators. She is also actively involved in regional policy through her participation in the S3COP project (DG REGIO).

Carmen is proficient in utilising various quantitative tools and languages, including Python, R and STATA.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Carmen worked as a freelance consultant for La Casa de Mexico en España. During this time, she developed expertise in process re-engineering, as she designed and executed the delivery of the project. Previously, she worked in Accenture Spain as analyst in the field of  digital transformation. During her career and studies, she has successfully applied quantitative and qualitative methods, such as data mining, statisical analysis, survey, case studies, desk research, literature reviews and interviews.  

In 2019, Carmen obtained her MSc diploma in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Sussex (applied statistics track). Additionally, she holds a BS in Industrial Management Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. She is fluent in Spanish, Galician and English, and holds a B1 in Portuguese. 

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