Bo Sandberg

Principal Consultant

Offices: Sweden

Bo has more than 20 years with a solid background in evaluation and analysis within various policy fields such as crime prevention, education, higher education, economic growth and research and innovation policy.
After finishing his studies at Stockholm university, Bo worked for four years as a senior consultant at Faugert & Co Utvärdering, where he quickly gained a track-record of performing evaluations, as well as giving courses on evaluation for professionals.
Bo has a licentiate degree in criminology and research based on experimental impact evaluation of alcohol prevention initiatives in Sweden. Since his studies he has frequently been an higher education instructor teaching in evaluation theory and methods at universities in Sweden in different fields such as sociology, criminology, social work, and political science.
Post-academia Bo has over time become specialised in evaluation of research policy, higher education, and national and regional economic growth initiatives. He has worked as a senior analyst at the Swedish Research Council, as an analyst at the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and as a project leader at the Swedish Higher Education Authority.
Bo has worked for the Technopolis group since 2021.
Bo is fluent in Swedish and English and has a good understanding of German, Norweigan and Danish.

Recent and current assignments

  • Half-time evaluation of National Research Programmes. Teamleder for evaluation of National Research programmes in Antibiotics and Migration and Immigration. Swedish Research Council. The Research Council for the Environment, Arealic Industries and Community Development and Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (2022) (team-leader)
  • European Commission, Evaluation of Relevance and Internal Coherence of Horizon 2020. (2021) (Team-leader)
  • Mälardalen University, Evaluation of Electrification Hub. (2021) (Team-leader)
  • the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova, the Research council for the environment, Arealic industries and community development., Evaluation of the Strategic innovation programme Drive Sweden (2021)(Team-leader)
  • RISE. Analysis of present use of the RISE Group’s basic funding as foundation for future investments (2021)
  • Swedish Energy Agency, Evaluation of A Challenge from Sweden, (2021)
  • Sweden Food Arena, The Food Chain as an innovation and development arena. Benchmarking study including the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark and Finland, (2021)
  • Region Dalarna, Action plan for Interreg SILVER SMEs, (2021)
  • University of Gävle. Evaluation Work and Assessment of Quality in Evaluations. (2015-2019) (Guest instructor Applied Criminology)
  • University of Stockholm, Evaluation planning and Evaluation Quality. (2009-2017) (Guest instructor applied sociology)
  • the Swedish Research Council (2017), Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (2018), Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (2020), Courses and workshops in theory of change and evaluation planning and quality
  • Author of four editions of the book “Perspektiv på utvärdering” (Perspectives on Evaluation) 2007-2020.
  • The book is co-authored with Sven Faugert, the founder of Faugert & Co. It has been sold in over 7000 copies and is currently used at government agencies and NGOs and at university in courses in various academic fields.

Selection of assignments and studies before Technopolis

  • Sandberg B, Faugert, S (2020): “Perspektiv på utvärdering” (Perspectives on Evaluation) Fourth edition. Studentlitteratur, London 2020.
  • Sandberg, B (2013): Looking beyond what doesn’t work – results, policy implications and lessons learned from two outcome evaluations of the Prime for Life alcohol prevention program”. Department of Criminology, Stockholm university, 2013
  • Sandberg, B (2012): “Different approaches to the evaluation of the effects of basic research”. EES Biennial Concerence, Helsiniki, Finland, 2012
  • Sandberg, B (2011): “Alcohol prevention and evaluation in the era of evidence based practice – the need for a systematic approach to evaluation”. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 2011, 28 (3), 235-250
  • Sandberg, B (2007): “Utvärdering av Prime for Life – kompletterande analyser samt metodologiska erfarenheter” (Evaluation of Prime for Life – Additional analysis and methodological experiences). Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm university, 2007
  • Sandberg, B (2007): “Utvärdering av Prime for Life inom Försvarsmakten. (Evaluation of Prime for Life in the Swedish Armed Forces). Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm university, 2007
  • Sandberg, B (2006): “Perspektiv på utvärdering” (Perspectives on Evaluation) In Roxell, L and Tiby, E (Eds) Frågor, fält, filter (Questions, Fields and Filters – Criminological method book). Studentlitteratur, Lund, 2006
  • Sandberg, B (2006): “Utvärdering av Prime for Life vid Örebro universitet” (Evaluation of Prime for Life at Örebro University). Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm university, 2006
  • Eriksson, M, Sandberg, B (2004): “Problemhantering eller förebyggande arbete? Resultat från två enkätstudier till företag och kommuner om alkoholprevention I arbetslivet” (Dealing with Problems of Preventing Them? Results from two surveys to companies and local municipalities about alcohol prevention in the work-life). Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm university, 2004
  • Sandberg, B, Faugert, S (2002): “Erfarenhet av utvärdering med erbjudandemodellen (Lessons from Evaluating with the ‘Offer Model’). Nordisk Administrativt Tidskrift, 2002 (2), 122-136
  • Eriksson, M, Sandberg, B (2002): “Alkohol- och drogförebyggande arbete på mindre arbetsplatser: en telefonundersökning med personalchefer på 445 företag i Sverige”. (Alcohol- and Drugprevention Efforts at Small Workplaces: A phone survey with personal resources managers at 445 companies in Sweden). Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm university, 2002
  • Sandberg, B (2000): Likhet inför lagen? (Equality before the law?). In Flyghed, J (Ed.) Brottsbekämpning – mellan effektivitet och integritet (Law Enforcement – between Efficiency and Integrity) Studentlitteratur, Lund, 2000

Reports (selection)

  • “Högskolan Väst – granskning av lärosätets kvalitetssystem för forskning” (University West -Assessment of the HEI’s quality assurance system for research). Authority for Higher Education, 2020
  • “Högskolan Väst – granskning av lärosätets kvalitetssystem för utbildning” (University West -Assessment of the HEI’s quality assurance system for education). Annani, S, Sandberg, B. Swedish Higher Education Autority, 2020
  • “Handelshögskolan – granskning av lärosätets kvalitetssystem för utbildning” (Stockholm School of Economics – Assessment of the HEI’s quality assurance system for education.). Sandberg, B, Nordström, K. Swedish Higher Education Authority, 2020
  • “Ersta Sköndal Bräcke Högskola – granskning av lärosätets kvalitetssystem för utbildning” (Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College – Assessment of the HEI’s quality assurance system for education). Sandberg, B, Lindenskoug, S. Swedish Higher Education Authority, 2019
  • “Evaluation of Clinical Significance and Societal Impact of Clinical Research”, Sandberg, B, Swedish Research Council, 2018
  • “Ännu mera Nytta – Systematisk planering av Tillväxtverkets insatser för framgång och ökad uppföljnings- och utvärderingsbarhet” (Even more Added Value – systematic planning of the agency’s efforts for success and increased evaluatbility). Alentun, M, Lundman, O, Sandberg, B, Schönbeck, C. Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, 2018
  • “Basfinansiering eller extern finansiering – ett komplext samspel” (Basic Research Funding or External Research Funding – a complex interplay). Söderqvist, L, Sandberg, B and Fanger, J. Swedish Research Council, 2018
  • “Evaluation of the Strategic Research Initiative”, Sandberg B et al. Swedish Research Council, 2015
  • “Research Quality in Sweden – Fokus”, Monaco, S, Söderberg, S, Quist, M, Tumape, J, Eklund,
    M, Augustsson, A, Wikgren, M, Karlsson, S, Sjöstedt, L, Sandberg, B. Swedish Research Council, 2015
  • “Interim Evaluation of 11 National Research Infrastructures”, Sandberg, B, Mineur, E. Swedish Research Council, 2013
  • “Evaluation of Swedish Research in Mechanical Engineering”, Augustsson, A, Sandberg, B. Swedish Research Council, 2013
  • “Att utvärdera effekter av ett grundforskningsprogram – en pilotstudie” (To Study the Effects of a Basic Research Programme – a pilot study). Bylin, S, Jansson, P, Mineur, E, Sandberg, B, Sjöberg, S. Swedish Research Council, 2012
  • “Evaluation of Centers of Gender Excellence”, Gröjer, A, Sandberg, B. Swedish Research Council, 2011
  • “Rovdjursrådet – en utvärdering av Rovdjursrådets funktion för att främja arbetet med rovdjursfrågor” (The Predator Council – an evaluation of the council’s function to enhance the work with predator policy questions). Faugert, S, Sandberg, B, Blomfeldt, S. Faugert & Co Utvärdering, 2004
  • “Trygghetsarbetet på Höstahöjden. En utvärdering av erfarenheter och resultat av brott- och trygghetgruppens pilotprojekt” (the Crime Prevention Efforts at Håstahöjden – an evaluation of the results of the crime prevention group pilot project.) Sandberg, B. Hudiksvalls kommun, 2003
  • “Utvärdering av Banverkets FoU-verksamhet” (Evaluation of R&D at the Swedish Railroad Administration). Faugert, S, Arnold, E, Teather, S, Sandberg, B, Deiaco, E. Faugert & Co Utvärdering, 2002
  • “Kultur för lust och lärande. En utvärdering av Skolverket och Kulturrådets samverkansprojekt” (Culture for Passion and Learning – an evaluation of the collaborationship between the Swedish National Agency for Education and the Swedish Arts Council). Faugert, S, Eriksson, A, Sandberg,
    B. Faugert & Co Utvärdering, 2002

Bo Sandberg's report(s)