Bo Sandberg

Principal Consultant

Standort: Schweden

Bo Sandberg is specialised in evaluations of research, innovation and higher education, with a particular focus towards development of new and improved methods for evaluating research policy initiatives. He started as junior consultant at Faugert & Co Utvärdering 1999–2004 where he participated as a team-member or project leader in some 20+ evaluations and in evaluation trainings for professionals. After a period of research training at Stockholm University, Bo continued as senior analyst at the Swedish Research Council (2010–2017) where he for example developed a “matrix” model for making a combined assessment of HEI strategic mangement and research enviornment performance in the evaluation of Strategic Research Areas in Sweden. Hence, as an analyst the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (2017–2018), Bo was responsible for quality assurance of the procured evaluation of the European Structural Funds’ thematic goal Research and Innovation. In this position I was also I was responible for  providing support and training to project managers in evaluation planning and procurement. As Project Manager at the Swedish Higher Education Authority (2019–2020) Bo Sandberg performed evaluations of HEIs’ quality assurance systems, including the development and piloting of a new system for assessment of the HEIs’ quality assurance of research.  

Bo Sandberg has, paralell to his positions as consultant, researcher and civil servant, written books on evaluation and has coached and trained professionals and students in evaluation planning, evaluation quality management and assessment of evaluation quality. Bo has held trainings, workshops and inpirational talks at multiple governement agencies as well in various  academic fields such as criminology, sociology, social work and organisational research.  

Bo returned to Faugert & Co Utvärdering (Technopolic Sweden) as Senior consultant in 2021. Bo is fluent in Swedish and English and has a good understanding of Danish, Norwegian and German. 

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