EFFSYS+ evaluation

Publication date: 28 February 2014 | Report language: SV

Technopolis Group conducted an evaluation of the EFFSYS+ programme, aimed at achieving effective cooling and heat pump systems. It became clear from this evaluation that EFFSYS+ is the only public research and development programme of its kind in Sweden. If you were an active researcher in the areas of refrigeration and heat pump technology, it was considered important to be a part of the programme and take part of the networks that the programme creates. Participation in EFFSYS+ was also expected to be of great value for participating companies. The programme was regarded as a unique platform that reduces the distance between the project participants and users. The project concluded that there was room to improve the dissemination of information and results internally within EFFSYS+.  Technopolis Group found that the programme’s goal structure needed reviewing. Several different types of goals at several levels of the programme made it difficult to get an overview of them. Fewer objectives and goals, and greater clarification, along with uniform formulations that focus on the desirable state to achieve, are what the Energy Agency in this context should strive for.