Sam Kuritzén


Offices: Sweden

Sam Kuritzén works as an Analyst at Technopolis Group’s subsidiary in Sweden. He is oriented towards Austrian and mainstream economics, economic policy, business cycle theory, philosophy and social policy. He has contributed with several articles to the Ludwig von Mises institute in Sweden regarding economic theory, philosophy and social issues. 

Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and philosophy from Lund University. He started with three semesters of theoretical philosophy and his bachelor’s thesis focused on epistemology and more specifically radical scepticism. He continued with studies in economics and wrote another bachelor’s thesis on the housing market in Sweden and the possible bubble on that market. Furthermore, Sam’s deep interest for economics and philosophy lead him to move to Madrid to do a master’s degree in economics with concentration on the Austrian school of economics at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. His master’s thesis discussed the concept of money and Bitcoin’s relationship to it. Sam’s mother tongue is Swedish, he has advanced skills in English and basic skills in Spanish and Norwegian.    

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