Jorge Barbacena


Offices: Portugal

Jorge Barbacena works as an analyst in the Lisbon office.

He has developed relevant skills in the areas of urban development and public policies, with particular emphasis on urban and regional development policies. He also holds working capabilities with geographic information systems, literature review and statistical analysis.

Regarding his professional experience, Jorge had the valuable opportunity to engage in a curricular internship at the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission. During this internship, he undertook a comprehensive study on land use and occupation in the region, which involved conducting thorough analyses at various scales, including urban, agricultural, and forestry. His efforts resulted in the development of a comprehensive report that made significant contributions to understanding the dynamics of land utilisation and its impact on the region. This experience provided Jorge with valuable insights into the practical application of his academic knowledge and further honed his skills in spatial analysis and research.

Jorge graduated with a degree in Land Planning and Management from the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Lisbon. This academic pursuit significantly contributed to the development of a strong foundation of knowledge and skills dedicated to understanding the intricate relationship between the territory, environment, and society. Consequently, he has acquired a diverse range of competencies, including the aptitude to identify spatial planning issues, formulate effective solutions, gather and process information using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and monitor and evaluate plans, programmes and projects that impact the territory and the environment.

Furthermore, Jorge pursued a Master’s degree in Spatial Planning and Urbanism at the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon. This advanced qualification equips him with the ability to intervene in a qualified and innovative manner when formulating strategies and proposing solutions to challenges related to the planning, construction, requalification, and management of urban spaces and subways.

Jorge’s native language is Portuguese. He is also fluent in English.

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