Florentine Frantz


Offices: Austria
Email: florentine.frantz@technopolis-group.com

Florentine Frantz works as a consultant at the Technopolis office in Vienna. She has a background in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Technical Physics, with extensive experience in quantitative as well as qualitative research methods.

In her PhD thesis, she studied how responsibility for “good” research is being imagined, distributed, and practiced in contemporary academia. Her work emphasises the need to think responsibility for science not only as an issue of accountability and control, but to critically examine the response-ability that enables stakeholders to care for science. Therefore, she reflects on how recent changes in organising, structuring, and rewarding research might pave the way for cutting corners, rather than enabling cultures of research integrity. As a university lecturer, Florentine was involved in the development of new interactive teaching formats inviting interdisciplinary groups of students to reflect on the co-production of science and society, the (e)valuation in/of research, and the responsibility of researchers.

Florentine holds a Master degree in Science and Technology Studies (STS) from the University of Vienna and a Bachelor degree from the Technical University of Graz. As part of her studies, she stayed as a guest researcher in Norway (NTNU Trondheim) and the Netherlands (UMC Amsterdam). She is a German native speaker, fluent in English and Italian, with basic knowledge of Norwegian and Dutch. During her undergrad studies she acquired also basic programming skills.

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