Florence Blandinières

Senior Consultant & Data Scientist

Offices: France
Email: Florence.blandinieres@technopolis-group.com

Florence Blandinières is a senior data scientist at Technopolis France. She has +10 years in advanced data analytics and over 6 years’ experience in evaluating research and innovation policies.

She has had the opportunity to contribute to evaluations linked to research and innovation support measures for the European Commission (DG RTD, DG GROW) and German ministries. She has experience of a wide range of quantitative methods (econometrics, statistical, semantic and network analyses). Her work is based on building large datasets from various sources (web-scrapping, pdf-scrapping, API, data mining in existing datasets).

Before joining the Technopolis group, Florence Blandinières worked as a data analyst for various companies where she expanded her skillsets in consolidating and manipulating large datasets. Previously, she worked as an economist at the European Economic Research Centre in Mannheim (Leibniz-ZEW, Mannheim, Germany). Her areas of expertise is centered around the impact and diffusion of emerging technologies and the creation of indicators to study the complexity of R&D.

Florence completed her undergraduate studies in international economics and her master’s degree in applied economics at Montesquieu University (Bordeaux, France). She pursued her research career in Jena (Germany) within the doctoral school “Economics of Innovative Change” where she attended statistical analysis in the field of observational studies and behavioural sciences. She is fluent in English and French and has advanced knowledge of German and Spanish.

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