Elmar Cloosterman

Senior Consultant

Offices: Netherlands
Email: elmar.cloosterman@technopolis-group.com

Elmar Cloosterman MSc is a consultant based in the Amsterdam office of Technopolis Group (The Netherlands). He is active on strategy and policy projects in entrepreneurship, innovation, (regional) economics, and the societal impact of technology. As a result of his multidisciplinairy background, Elmar has strong analytical skills and extensive experience in a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Elmar had three years of experience as a consultant working for mostly regional and local governments in The Netherlands. In this role, he advised both the Provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Brabant on how the quality their startup ecosystem could increase, reseached the economic potential of artificial intelligence for the province of Zuid-Holland and advised the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on the current state of practice-oriented research in The Netherlands.

Elmar is educated as an economist. During his bachelor in Economics and Business Economics (Utrecht University) he completed an optional minor in social sciences, allowing him to combine a master’s degree in Behavioural Economics & Game Theory (University of Amsterdam) and a master’s degree in Sociology (University of Amsterdam).

Elmar is fluent in both Dutch and English.

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