Charlotte d’Elloy

Senior Consultant

Offices: Austria

Charlotte d’Elloy is a Franco-Austrian Senior Consultant working at the Vienna office of Technopolis Group since 2022. She draws on nine years of international professional experience in both the public and private sectors. She has developed expertise in public policy monitoring and evaluation with a focus on development and international cooperation. She has contributed to evaluations, impact assessment and studies for European and national public bodies. She also worked on the development, implementation and management of monitoring systems, including a relational database, for international, cross-continental and regional organisations.  

Prior to Technopolis, Charlotte started her project manager career at the international organisation ICMPD based in Vienna, where she contributed to many development and migration governance projects specialising in capacity building between Europe and Africa. In her last project she led a team that monitored migration projects and policies (irregular, legal and return migration, asylum, smuggling and trafficking) of the EC, AUC, EU and African countries and reported back data analyses in a continental level dialogue platform. She also worked at Mainlevel, a consultancy based in Frankfurt where she led evaluations for German institutions like DAAD, GIZ, DGB-BW and KfW. Her evaluation assignments covered sectors such as research and higher education, employment promotion, social movements, TVET, financial governance and water resources management, Holocaust remembrance and fight against antisemitism.  

Charlotte holds a Masters degree in Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies from Sciences-Po Lyon and a Bachelors degree in History from Université Denis Diderot in Paris. She has studied and applied successfully a range of methods such as interviews, surveys, case studies, desk research, literature reviews and statistical analysis. Influenced by the pandemic, her master thesis focused on remote M&E  and the evolution of methodologies.  

Due to her numerous assignments abroad, Charlotte has a strong intercultural competence and was able to practice her two mother tongues French and German, in addition she is proficient in English.

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