Amber van der Graaf

Senior Consultant

Offices: Netherlands

Amber van der Graaf has developed sound expertise in policy analysis studies for clients at different levels of governance, focussing on a range of different policy domains. Within her work, Amber’s areas of work are relatively diverse, with areas of expertise including (innovative) SMEs and (inclusive) entrepreneurship, education, gender issues, working conditions and work life balance, industrial relations, and social dialogue.

Amber has worked on studies relating to policy analysis, assessments and policy evaluation and the provision of advice and recommendations. Amber’s work centres on policy analysis and evaluation, especially in internationally comparative studies for EU agencies, EU DGs, as well as the OECD and Dutch public institutions seeking an internationally comparative study. Given her strong international study orientation, she is well-versed in applying the EU evaluation approach and the methodology to different policy areas. She is well-versed in employing qualitative research methods such as in-depth interviews, survey design and analysis, best practice cases, case studies, desk research and literature reviews, and in basic quantitative analysis techniques.

Before joining Technopolis, Amber worked at the Dutch policy research bureau, Panteia for over 7 years. During her time here she worked on a range of issues, relating to media and digitisation policies, education and training topics, SMEs and entrepreneurship issues, social policy issues and public administrative topics.

Amber obtained her bachelor degree at the University College of Maastricht, where she focused on politics, international relations, media and culture. Following this she obtained her Master’s degree in Pubic Administration at Leiden University, the Netherlands, specialising in lobbying and media and publishing her master’s thesis. As she grew up abroad, Amber is a native speaker in both English and Dutch, and has an intermediate knowledge of French and Spanish.

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