Anete Vingre

Associate Consultant

Standort: Vereinigtes Königreich

Dr Anete Vingre is an associate consultant at Technopolis Group and has experience as a project manager and author of various evaluations and policy studies. Anete works on studies and impact evaluations in science and innovation policy and the performance of research institutions. Anete has completed several evaluations covering research, entrepreneurship, and innovation policy. She performed these evaluations for various clients, such as EPSRC, Research England, the Research Council of Norway, the Ministry of Economy and Employment of Finland, the Austrian Science Fund, and the European Commission. Anete has delivered several studies for UK Research and Innovation; for example, she managed an impact and process evaluation of the EPSRC Prosperity Partnerships programme and is currently leading the socio-economic impact assessment of the Mathematical Sciences research funded by EPSRC. She also led the international review of research funders’ responses to Covid-19 for UKRI. Anete co-led the Technopolis Review of Peer Review for UKRI identifying and analysing various interventions to improve grant funding peer review processes.

Anete has also experience in conducting and evaluating international peer review-based research assessments. She managed the International Evaluation of Research Institutions activity in Latvia and coordinated panels for the National Evaluation of Natural Sciences in Norway for the Research Council of Norway. She co-authored the REF Accountability Review for Research England and is now leading the REF 2029 Environmental Indicators study.

Anete is skilled in qualitative data analysis methods such as case studies, document analysis, in-depth interviews, group interviews, benchmark studies, etc. In addition, she has experience in applying some quantitative approaches, especially surveys. Anete has strengthened her methodological skills by participating in methods summer schools organised by the European Consortium of Political Research. Anete holds a PhD in Political science from the University of Latvia. After her doctoral studies, she received a research scholarship from the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies and spent a period performing research at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA.

Her working languages are Latvian and English.

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