Unblocking technology and knowledge commercialisation in Peru

Erscheinungsdatum: 30 März 2016 | Sprache der Studie: ES

CONCYTEC, Peru’s government agency on science and innovation, needs to define the best policy solution to promote economic benefits from research. This includes commercialisation of knowledge and technology, and sets the challenge of collaborative work between universities (that produce knowledge and research) with the private sector. This is an issue that countries like Chile and Colombia also face. Universities currently use the model of establishing a “Technological Transfer Office”, however, this model hasn’t produced good outcomes. It’s a model copied from American Universities.

The secondment focused on:

  1. Assessment of the current CONCYTEC’s Action Plan on Technology Transfer (including the review of reports produced by Concytec)
  2. Identifying barriers (legal, economic, organisational, perceptions, etc)
  3. Providing recommendations for the action plan to develop an effective commercialisation model, including a better link between academia and private sector, and by prioritising the key barriers to remove.