Review of Digital Research Infrastructure for AI

Erscheinungsdatum: 6 April 2023 | Sprache der Studie: EN

Technopolis UK has released a new report on the Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) needs for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the UK. The report was conducted on behalf of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) by The Alan Turing Institute in conjunction with Technopolis, and focused on consulting with AI communities, AI researchers, researchers who use AI to solve problems, and wider stakeholders to understand their needs across three main elements: compute, data access, and people/skills, currently and in five to ten years‘ time.

The report highlights the critical role of DRI in the wider compute for AI ecosystem and its integral role in meeting the ambitions set out in the National AI Strategy, which aims to make the UK a global AI superpower over the next ten years. The report acknowledges that access to people, data, and compute are key drivers of progress and strategic advantage in AI.

The report’s findings indicate that ensuring the DRI ecosystem meets the current and future needs of the research and innovation community developing and using AI will be essential to meeting the ambitions set out in the National AI Strategy. The report identifies several key areas of focus, including the need for more powerful compute resources, greater accessibility to data, and more investment in skills development and training.

The report’s release is expected to inform future policymaking and investment decisions in the field of AI and DRI in the UK. It is hoped that the report will contribute to the ongoing debate around the role of AI in promoting economic growth and innovation, and help the UK maintain its position as a global leader in AI research and development.

Overall, the release of this report is a significant milestone in understanding the UK’s current and future DRI needs for AI and will play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI research and development in the UK.