Reda Nausėdaitė

Associate Consultant

Standort: Vereinigtes Königreich

Dr Reda Nausedaite is a researcher-consultant specialising in digital and innovation policies with a particular interest in digitalisation, human-centric technology and digital economy across education and health domains. She has a broad digital transformation experience and has managed and contributed to several complex studies such as The nature of work in the digitised workplace; Future Digital Health in the EU; Technological Transformation and Transitioning of Regional Economies; INCO EU-Africa Innovation & Technology Cooperation; Enhancing learning through digital tools and practices.

Reda has a thorough grounding in both quantitative and qualitative research methods such as benchmarking, case studies, surveys, statistical analysis, theory-based evaluation at international, national and institutional levels. She also has extensive project management experience and coordinates highly international teams.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, she has worked as Senior Research Executive at Ipsos MORI in London running Global Autoimmune Therapy Monitor in the EU5 countries, USA and Latin Americas, providing expert industry reports, bespoke data analysis and consultation for the pharmaceutical industry. She has successfully launched market-sizing study covering all Autoimmune diseases. This tool reinforced pharmaceutical companies to better understand their market size, competitive structures and gauge product penetration, which consequently contributed to the development of their goal-oriented agendas. Reda has spent a few years at management consultancy Civitta working in the area of higher education on performance optimisation, organisational system modelling and strategy development. 

She completed her doctorate at the University of East Anglia and graduated from the University of London with Master’s degree in International business economics.

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