Reda Nausėdaitė

Associate Consultant

Standort: Vereinigtes KönigreichBaltikum

Reda Nausėdaitė has ten years of experience working in the area of education and youth sector. Her research interests include higher education governance, strategic planning and entrepreneurship across all levels of education.

She spent the last decade working on higher education and youth policy areas with further work on humanitarian aid at EC DG ECHO in Food Aid and Disaster Preparedness advocacy and policy unit. She has been heavily involved in youth entrepreneurship, participation and unemployment initiatives since 2004 and launched more than 30 cooperation projects across Europe, South America and Asia. She has been a lecturer of Project Management module (for the postgraduate students) at the University of Vilnius in Lithuania and has worked as Scientific Research Projects Coordinator at the ISM University of Management and Economics with further work as Senior Research Executive at Ipsos MORI in London (running Global Autoimmune Therapy Monitor in the EU5 countries, USA and Latin Americas). Reda has spent the last few years working at management consultancy Civitta working in the area of higher education, healthcare and agriculture. Her working languages are Lithuanian, English and Spanish.

She graduated from London City University with Master’s degree in international business economics, and currently completing her PhD in higher education management at the University of East Anglia.

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