The JRC study by our colleagues Chiel Scholten, Anoushka Davé, Liana Petrosova, Andreas Ligtvoet and Geert van der Veen has been published:

This week, the Dutch government has sent a letter to Parliament to inform its members on the results of our JRC study on the sustainable and resilient supply of medical radioisotopes in the EU . The results of the study are important for decisions of the Dutch government regarding investments in infrastructure to produce medical radioisotopes in the Netherlands. Our study shows an urgent need for new production capacity for medical radioisotopes to secure the supply for radionuclide therapy in the EU. The Netherlands has currently a strong position in the production of medical radioisotopes and is preparing the build of a nuclear reactor to produce such isotopes. Medical radioisotopes are important for the diagnosis and treatment of especially cancer.

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