We are proud to share our contribution to the ‚Action Plan for the Reduction of Animal Testing.‘ Since 2021, we have had the privilege of supporting Animal Welfare Flanders in organizing and facilitating roundtable discussions to develop this action plan.

Through multiple in-depth roundtable conversations with researchers, we gathered information and insights about the opportunities for reducing animal testing in Flanders. These insights served as inspiration for subsequent roundtable discussions with various organizations that hold a key to reducing the number of animal tests in Flanders.

These roundtable discussions have resulted in 33 new and diverse actions by the participating organizations, which have been consolidated into the ‚Action Plan for the Reduction of Animal Testing.‘
We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this project for the fruitful discussions and ambitious actions proposed. We are excited to continue supporting and monitoring the progress of these actions in the coming period.

The action plan is available here.

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