Corentin Pécot

Policy Analyst

Standort: Belgien - Politikberatung

Corentin Pécot is an analyst (intern) for the Brussels Office of Technopolis Group. He is keen to professionalise himself in the analysis and evaluation of public policies implemented at each decision-making level (IOs, EU, State and local authorities). He has developed professional experience in both fields of international cooperation and regional development and cohesion. At the French Chamber of Commerce in Morocco, he has studied the feasibility of a program led by DG NEAR and ADEME, aiming at the development a renewable energy market in the Maghreb region. At the Region Bretagne (regional authority in France), he was involved in the development of digital communication tools for the promotion of the European structural funds. 

He is constantly willing to deepen a dual expertise in quantitative et qualitative research methods. His studies in Germany have introduced him to counterfactual evaluations. Moreover, within a team of researchers from the CNRS-Pacte laboratory, Kontanz Universität and LUISS (Rome), he has been trained for the analysis of the European public opinion and its reactions to future public policies of the European Union. His studies in France and in the Netherlands have taught him how to design and undertake theory-based and mechanisms-based qualitative analysis.  

He is currently involved in the evaluation of the contribution of Axis 3,4,5 and 6 to the objectives of the ERDF operational programme of the Walloon Region. He is also participating in the EU Open for Business project and the Knowledge Ecosystems -WP1 & WP11- project.  

He is completing a double master’s degree in European Studies / Politics and Public Administration from Sciences Po Grenoble in France and Konstanz Universität in Germany. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political sciences from Sciences Po Grenoble. He has studied European studies at Maastricht University. He works in English and in French, has an intermediate level of Spanish and tries to keep his German alive.