The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research: An analysis of its impact and systemic role

Erscheinungsdatum: 15 Oktober 2014 | Sprache der Studie: EN

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) was established in 1994 and was tasked with funding research to promote Sweden’s long-term competitiveness. Technopolis Group conducted an ex-post impact assessment of the The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research funding during the past 10, possibly 20, years, as well as an assessment of the Foundation’s role in the NIS (past and future). The evidence indicated that SSF in most respects fulfilled its statutes.

The Foundation commissioned Technopolis Group to undertake a study of two main elements:

Technopolis Group conducted the study between February and October 2014. Data acquisition included desktop studies; 63 interviews; five web surveys; bibliometric analyses; analyses of spin-off companies; analyses of Swedish funding for research, development and innovation; a foresight focus group and an interpretation seminar, both involving relevant and knowledgeable stakeholders.