The impact of EMBL experimental services

Erscheinungsdatum: 10 November 2021 | Sprache der Studie: EN

How large-scale scientific infrastructures enable cutting-edge research to tackle global societal challenges  

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (“EMBL”) provides life science researchers in Europe and beyond with access to the very latest in scientific technologies and infrastructure to perform cutting-edge research in molecular biology.

Technopolis was commissioned to conduct a review of the impacts of EMBL experimental services in March 2021. This review set out to understand the scientific, technological, societal, and economic benefits that EMBL experimental services have created for the research community and EMBL member states, using an external user survey (targeting academic users and industry users) and case study methodology.  

Our results show that EMBL experimental services are vital for enabling European scientists to remain at the cutting-edge of research and generate fundamental discoveries in molecular biology that are helping to deliver wider societal impacts. EMBL experimental services also support industry to innovate and develop new products and processes. Furthermore, EMBL is a member of a small group of world-class facilities that are continuously expanding the portfolio of experimental technologies and delivering advances that have the potential to benefit science and scientists across the globe. For more information, see the full report here or download it from the top of the page.