Feasibility study of a Blue Economy Cluster in La Réunion Island

Erscheinungsdatum: 18 Februar 2018 | Sprache der Studie: FR

The Reunion Island is located in the Indian Ocean in between Madagascar and Mauritius. The Regional Council regional economic strategy aims to support the creation of a business and innovation driven cluster in the Blue Economy sector by strengthening the collaboration between the local SMEs and the research and higher education institutions, and by exporting the regional expertise and services in the Indian Ocean region. In La Reunion, the blue economy sector covers the fisheries and aquaculture sector, the blue biotechnology, the marine transport and the marine renewable energies.

Technopolis Group provided strategic support on i) defining the emerging core thematic areas of regional expertise; ii) the services that the cluster organisation will provide for its future members; iii) the business model and the legal status of the cluster organisation. The methodology was based on a mix of both qualitative (literature review, interviews, and focus group) and quantitative analysis (socio-economic impact analysis based on the inputs/ouputs model).