Coordination and governance of the UK science, technology and innovation (STI) system between the national and sub-national level

Erscheinungsdatum: 29 Juni 2014 | Sprache der Studie: EN

In this project, Technopolis provided strategic advice and support to Peru’s national council for science and technology, CONCYTEC, to understand the governance mechanisms (strategic plans, programmes, organisational structure) used in the UK to coordinate STI policy across the different government agencies. The project fed into a wider programme to reform and modernise Peru’s support for research and innovation and included three main activities. First, a Peruvian delegation of politicians and senior officials from key government organisations (CONCYTEC, National Council of Competitiveness (CNC), Ministry of Production, Ministry of Agriculture, and regional governments) travelled to the UK to meet senior officials at analogous government departments and institutions in order to hear about and discuss the governance mechanisms use to execute the UK STI strategy.  The visit was designed and implemented by Technopolis, whose consultants accompanied the delegation throughout to ensure they were fully briefed on all contextual issues and were able to derive maximum value from each meeting.

In parallel, Technopolis prepared a background paper describing the UK’s various STI governance mechanisms, with special emphasis in understanding how these mechanisms work at regional level.  Finally, Technopolis organised and led a public seminar in Peru with main regional stakeholders to discuss the main conclusions of the paper. This has also been an opportunity to share the experience and knowledge gained by delegates that visited the UK.  At the end of the project a task force of regional representatives has been formed to discuss and implement some of the tools and mechanisms identify during the project.