Benchmarking evaluation practices for The European Association for Innovation Agencies (TAFTIE) Management Summary

Erscheinungsdatum: 1 März 2014 | Sprache der Studie: EN

The main objective of this study was to develop the evidence base to demonstrate the innovation agencies’ impact, effectiveness and efficiency.

The European association for Innovation Agencies TAFTIE has asked Technopolis to benchmark the effectiveness, efficiency and the use of evaluation practices across four different types of innovation instruments. the study has made a comparison of Establishing standard practices for monitoring and evaluation and using international benchmarks to compare the innovation agencies’ impacts will support policy learning across European innovation agencies and the TAFTIE members in particular. This particular assignment will contribute to developing a reference model for measuring impact/effectiveness and efficiency in order to benchmark the performance of each agency, taking account of difference in designs of programmes as well as in the context in which each agency operates.

We will conduct literature research, benchmarking of instruments and workshops for this assignment.