An evaluation of UK funding through the ARTES programme

Erscheinungsdatum: 1 Juni 2019 | Sprache der Studie: EN

This study was commissioned to evaluate the participation of the UK in the European Space Agency’s ARTES (Advanced Research into Telecommunications) programme. The study presents a body of evidence on the activities and outcomes of past UK investment in ARTES and demonstrates benefits and value for money to inform future decisions. 

It finds, amongst other things, that each £1 of contracts leads to £14.4 in additional income (generated or expected, beyond the value of the contracts themselves).  This means that the UK’s investment in ARTES over the past decade (~£750m) is likely to have led to £11bn in additional income, above and beyond the value of the ARTES contracts that are awarded within the UK.

The study was based on desk research, a telephone survey of UK contractors, a programme of semi-structured interviews with representatives from ESA, UK Space Agency, Innovate UK and industry and a series of case studies that looked in more depth at a selection of projects and contracto – Improve the quality and efficiency of education and training