Technopolis Group  provided strategic advice and technical assistance services to the Paris Region for organising the stakeholders’ consultation and for designing the new economic development strategy for 2017/2021. 

The strategy encompasses the priorities of Paris Region for start-ups creation and SMEs growth, innovation, particularly in the industry sector, and FDI attractiveness in Paris Region. It also defines the key priority sectors for the Region over the next 5 years. Technopolis Group has supported Paris Region in designing, organising and implementing the consultation of the regional stakeholders (communication campaign, thematic seminars, consultation of policy-makers, consultation of cities and metropolitan areas…).

It helped the Region in designing the new governance system for supervising and coordinating the economic and innovation policies within the regions across the different stakeholders. It also provided strategic support to prioritise the Paris Region economic and innovation interventions, and to write the final document. 

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