Technopolis and CRAC-Vitae in collaboration with several sector organisations are delivering a project for Research England to develop indicators to be used for the assessment of the People, Culture and Environment (PCE) element of REF 2029.

In the period May – October 2024, the PCE indicators project will provide multiple opportunities for the sector to engage with the development of the PCE indicators. Expressions of interest are now open for a series of online workshops to co-develop indicators to be used in the assessment of the People, Culture and Environment element of REF 2029.

An iterative process of testing and refinement will result in a list of indicators that will be further tested and refined through the REF PCE pilot exercise.

You can read more about the workshops and register your expression of interest here.

The workshops will be complemented by a survey on REF PCE, allowing institutions, networks, special interest groups, and individuals to have their say on key questions. Technopolis will launch the survey in June 2024, and it will remain until mid-September.

Technopolis will also organise workshops with the PCE pilot exercise pilot panels. The workshops will focus on the insights gathered in sector engagement and consider the perspectives of the panelists.

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