Francie Sadeski is lead consultant for Technopolis Group’s activities in emerging markets. She works on research and innovation in development contexts. 

SDGs for all

Francie strongly believes in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, not just for the best in class, but for all countries. “I‘ve always found it enormously rewarding to work with countries investing in reform agendas, which are eager to learn from others but building their own path,” Francie says. She feels it’s important that development projects are not just a one-way street. She prefers to see her work as a process which allows everyone to revisit their ways of thinking and working. 

A global company for a globalized world

“The world is globalized, all countries and paths are interconnected,” Francie says, “and Technopolis Group is mirroring this reality.” In the early days, the Group mainly developed a strong European expertise, working with consultants who knew the ins-and-outs of local ecosystems. Emerging markets have been a part of our work from the outset though and over the past years, we’ve really strengthened our presence in other parts of the world. More than a quarter of our work is now related to emerging markets.

Local expertise

Good knowledge of the local context can make our break a project. Our experts have developed strong regional expertise and always embed projects in their local context. We make sure we understand each environment and ecosystem we work in. We also rely on collaboration and co-construction with local stakeholders to make sure our plans are adapted, actionable and sustainable. Francie recently worked with Cambodia’s Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation and UN ESCAP on designing a Roadmap for Innovation to support the implementation of their National Innovation policy 2020-2030. “It was a very interesting journey,” she recalls. “We collaborated with the new Ministry to identify gaps in their existing innovation system and define concrete flagship actions that will lead Cambodia towards becoming a middle economy by 2030.” To grow our local networks and consolidate our expertise, Technopolis Group has also opened two offices outside Europe: first in Bogotá (Colombia), then in Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

The world is globalized, all countries and paths are interconnected, and Technopolis Group is mirroring this reality.

Francie Sadeski, lead consultant in emerging markets

Technopolis Group hopes to help foster fair and sustainable growth across the globe. Through our philosophy of mutual exchange of expertise, we believe that we can make an important contribution to the local knowledge base and practices while enriching our own approach.

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