National and regional authorities from OACPS Member States can now get support to enhance the quality and efficiency of their Research and Innovation (R&I) policy systems, through an innovative Policy Support Facility (PSF).

The PSF was launched in January 2021. A key component of the OACPS Research and Innovation Programme, it is funded by the European Union through the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) and is implemented by the OACPS Secretariat.

Technopolis Group was chosen, together with GopaCom. and APRE,  to act as the Technical Assistance Unit of the new OACPS R&I Programme.

The Policy Support Facility aims to:

High-level R&I experts will carry out a broad range of on-demand and tailor-made services in the framework of the OACPS PSF, which is coordinated by our colleague Alessandro Bello.

The Policy Support Facility is now open to requests for policy services. The call is open to:

Find more information on submissions of Expression of Interest here.
The Technical Assistance Unit is currently looking for experts for short-term assignments in R&I policy domains in ACP countries. More information is available here.

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