Zsuzsa Jávorka


Standort: Vereinigtes Königreich
Email: info@technopolis-group.com

Zsuzsa Jávorka is a partner and the lead for higher education and skills thematic group at Technopolis with 18 years’ experience. Zsuzsa is an economist by training and has a background in law. Zsuzsa’s work predominantly focuses on the interactions of education, research, and the business world, addressing topics on skills development and training, employability, entrepreneurship, and the internationalisation, digital and green transformation of higher education both in Europe, and in developing countries.

Zsuzsa manages and supports the take up of HEInnovate (www.heinnovate.eu), an initiative of the European Commission in collaboration with the OECD. She is also a work package leader in EntreTime, the Creation and Implementation of a Train the Trainers Programme for Educators on Entrepreneurship, a study aimed at developing a MOOC for EASME. Her further relevant assignments include PILLARS, Pathways to Inclusive Labour Markets, a project that looks into the combined effect of waves of automation technologies and industrial transformation of European regions on EU labour markets, in terms of employment reconfiguration, skill mismatch and migration. Her other selected assignments include the Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Education programmes in Higher Education Institutions and Centres, a project that resulted in the development of an online skills assessment tool, as well as the evaluation of the European Vocational Skills Week – Achievements and Recommendations for Future Editions for DG EMPL.

Zsuzsa joined Technopolis in 2008 from the Hungarian National Office for Research and Technology, where she worked as a programme manager. Zsuzsa is fluently bi-lingual (Hungarian and English) and has a working knowledge of German.

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