Thoraya El-Rayyes

Senior Consultant

Standort: Vereinigtes Königreich

Dr Thoraya El-Rayyes is a Senior Consultant at Technopolis UK specialised in monitoring, evaluation, learning and adaptation (MELA) systems. She is an interdisciplinary social scientist and public policy practitioner with 15+ years of professional experience in delivering MELA services to organisations including the European Commission, Inter-American Development Bank, International Labour Organization, UK Government, UN Women, UNDP and World Bank Group.

Thoraya utilises a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative methodological toolkit to provide robust evidence and insights that inform public policy. This toolkit includes theory-based methods, econometric analysis, quasi-experimental methods, experimental methods, survey methods, quantitative text analysis, interviews, focus groups, stakeholder consultation and literature review.

Prior to joining Technopolis, Thoraya provided MELA and policy research expertise to the World Bank and UN agencies as an independent consultant. Earlier in her career, she was an Assistant Manager at PwC and a National Project Officer at the International Labour Organization.

Thoraya holds a BSc in Psychology from University College London, an MSc in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics (LSE), an MSc in Sociology from the University of Oxford and a PhD from the LSE Department of Government. She is currently a Visiting Fellow at LSE and was formerly a Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

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