Nadya Mihaylova

Senior Economist

Standort: Vereinigtes Königreich

Nadya Mihaylova is a Senior Consultant at Technopolis and has been working in science and innovation policy research since March 2021. She has 5+ years of experience applying a range of quantitative and qualitative methods such as survey analysis, impact assessments, desk research, literature reviews, and statistical analysis. She is currently involved in projects commissioned by Innovate UK, including the evaluations of the ISCF Quantum Technologies programme and ISCF Next Generation Services. 

Prior to joining Technopolis, Nadya worked at the Health Foundation. During this time, she contributed to a programme of work aimed at raising awareness of the wider determinants of health by analysing and presenting data from household surveys (such as the Labour Force Survey and Understanding Society). Previously Nadya worked as Economic Research Analyst at Economic Perspectives where she contributed to several reports on broad macroeconomic themes related to global inflation, monetary policy, and credit growth. Nadya’s first job was as an Assistant Economist at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). During this time, she was involved in several impact assessments on areas related to air quality. 

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