Anaïs Goburdhun

Senior Consultant

Standort: Frankreich

Anaïs Goburdhun has developed an expertise in the field of climate change, both on mitigation and adaptation aspects, and more generally on sustainable development issues. She worked on the decarbonization of the economy, especially for the sectors related to natural resources (agriculture and forestry). She has also specialized in the climate impacts and risks in developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean islands and the Pacific islands.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Anaïs worked at ADEME, the French Ecological Transition governmental agency, on the ACT initiative, assessing companies in their low-carbon strategy. She coordinated international technical working groups composed of consultancies, experts, companies and academics.

She also has an experience as a consultant for environmental and climate projects for international organizations such as the UNEP, UNDP and development banks. She participated to the writing of certain INDCs in developing countries.

She holds a Ph.D in applied economics to agriculture and climate change from Ecole Polytechnique – CREST. She worked on the impacts of climate change and weather hazard on agriculture and infrastructures in developing countries with potential applications to the finance and insurance sectors. She collaborated with MIT at the Joint Program from Science and Policy of Global Change.

Anaïs obtained her engineering diploma in 2015 from AgroParisTech. She holds a Master’s degree in the sustainable development, environment and energy economics. She is fluent in English and French, and has a professional knowledge of Spanish.

Recent and current assignments include:

ACT initiative for the Pulp & Paper sector (2021-2022), ADEME: methodology developer and project leader

ACT initiative for the Agriculture & Agrifood sector (2020-2022), ADEME: methodology developer and project leader

Contribution, as a trainee, to various projects for the UNEP, UNDP and African Development Bank on environmental and climate change topics in developing countries (2015)

Previous relevant studies include:

“Spatial Correlation among Maize Markets in Tanzania: a Risk Analysis”, Ph.D thesis 2019

“Cyclone Risk Correlation among the South Pacific islands”, co-authors: Ilan Noy and Eric Strobl, Ph.D thesis, 2019

“Statistical Emulator of Eight Crops Yields from Global Gridded Crop Models”, co-author: Elodie Blanc, Ph.D thesis, 2019

Selected publications:

“Cost assessment of climate change impacts in Haiti” (in French), UNDP, GEF

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