Environmental and health regulations may cover a wide range of industries but their economic impact is particularly significant in the chemical, refining and paper-based industries. These sectors are subject to a large number of regulations, in particular European, because of the importance of pollution and the risks that production sites may create or the dangers to human health of products that are manufactured and / or used.  In addition, there are costs generated by the French regulatory framework that impacts the competitiveness of the domestic industry at European and therefore international level (adoption of non-harmonised provisions at European level, over-transposition of directives, more binding application and interpretation). In this context, a simplification of the regulations has been initiated by the Government. 

In addition, industrial platforms are a decisive factor for the competitiveness of the chemical industry because they allow the development of synergies between companies: integration of production (the co-products of one becoming the raw materials of others), shared utilities and more effective environmental management. French platforms appear less competitive than their European counterparts (especially German) in terms of value-added products, access to energy and transport conditions. They are also less attractive and have not structured themselves like other European platforms.  

The study aims to identify the main regulations that 1/ generate additional costs for companies in France in the chemicals, paper-based industries and refining sectors, whether due to a more stringent application of Community regulations or specific regulatory provisions in France (compared to Germany, Italy and the Netherlands). The aim is to measure the economic (cost) impact in France of over-transpositions and over-regulations affecting the Chemistry-Materials sector.

The final objective of the study is to propose adaptations or simplifications of the regulations in order to preserve the competitiveness of the Chemistry-Materials sector. 

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