Skills supply of higher educated people to the Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden

Publication date: 9 maart 2022 | Report language: SV

On behalf of the Innovation and Chemical Industries (IKEM), Technopolis Sweden has conducted a study aiming to map the competences in their four largest industries, plastic, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and refinery, as well as the expected competence development in the long term, considering also new competencies needed because of the transformation to the twin green and digital transition. Since there is a lack of structured and public knowledge about future competence supply that can be used for decision making on a national as well as sectorial level the study aim to create such knowledge.

The survey has had a quantitative approach and is based on data from Statistics Sweden as well as from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s wage statistics and member registers. To gain an understanding of how the distribution of both competence and professions has developed over time, the survey covered the period 2007–2018. The quantitative analysis has since been supplemented with a qualitative analysis containing literature studies, interviews, workshops and an interpretation seminar with representatives from the client and from the industries.

The results from the survey will be used for forecasting how many people the plastic-, chemistry-, pharmaceutical- and refinery sector respectively need to employ within the next five- and ten-year periods, and within which educational backgrounds. The forecast takes retirements, skills transition due to technology shifts and expected growth into consideration. The result aims to be a basis for IKEM nationally as well as for their regional departments in matters concerning, for example, dimensioning education and developing strategies regarding competence supply.

The study was conducted between December 2021 and March 2022.