Josefine Olsson

Senior Consultant

Kantoren: Zweden

Josefine Olsson is a consultant at Technopolis Group’s subsidiary in Sweden. She has contributed to evaluations in several fields, but with a particular interest in Health and Environmental Economics using quantitative methods. She has performed and contributed to evaluations and studies for both European and national public bodies. She has successfully applied a range of quantitative and qualitative methods such as interviews, surveys, case studies, desk research, literature reviews, statistical analysis, cost benefit analysis and more. 

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Josefine worked and completed an internship for Ramboll Management Consulting and worked as an analyst for a short period of time. While working at Ramboll she contributed to several evaluations and studies such as the cost benefit analysis of alcohol consumption in Sweden. She has completed an internship at the Swedish Embassy on Iceland where she performed studies on the financial market.

Josefine has obtained her master’s degree in Economics from Lund University as well as her undergraduate diploma in Business management and Economics. She has furthermore studied at University of California San Diego where she deepened her skills in Economics and Political Science. During her studies, Josefine has gained deep knowledge and skills in Econometrics, which is also her main subject along with Health Economics. 

Her mother tongue is Swedish and she has advanced knowledge of English. 

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