Evaluatieonderzoek organisaties voor toegepast onderzoek (TO2)

Publication date: 1 februari 2017 | Report language: NL

In the Netherlands there are 6 institutes for applied scientific/technical research that are financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs: TNO (generic), DLO (agriculture and food), ECN (Energy), NLR (Aerospace), Marin (maritime technology and Deltares (Delta technology, mainly water related civil engineering). These 6 institutes and the structure they are operating under are evaluated by a high level evaluation committee chaired by Canon/Océ CEO Anton Schaaf. Technopolis and Dialogic are supporting the evaluation committee. Evaluated are quality of research (mainly from a user perspective), impact of research and vitality of the research organisations. The evaluations are based on self assessments of the institutes, impact studies by all institutes at research department level involving customers and experts and visits to the institutes by 3 sub-evaluationcommittees.

Read the sub-evaluation for TNO, DLO, ECN, NLR, Marin and Deltares.