Matthias Ploeg

Managing Partner

Offices: Netherlands

Dr Matthias Ploeg is a Managing Partner of Technopolis the Netherlands. He focuses on evidence-based policy analysis, evaluation and strategy support in the domain of innovation for global challenges. He is an experienced researcher, economist and project manager for clients such as the European Commission, African Development Bank, UNESCO, World Bank, Dutch ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs etc. In the period 2015-2018 Matthias led the African representation of Technopolis in Abidjan.

Matthias has significant experience in the field of science, innovation, technology, higher education, entrepreneurship and private sector development policies, in Europe and beyond.  He was the recent project lead of the Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership (DG RTD, 2019-2021), and is currently lead economist of the evaluation of the FCDO five-year running evaluation of SPHEIR, a flagship programme on employability and entrepreneurship skill development throughout Africa (Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana). He also leads the Cost-Benefit Analysis of the European Commission’s strategy to boost Knowledge Ecosystems and Researcher Careers throughout Europe.

As an experienced economist and evaluator, Matthias has strong experience in designing and implementing a wide array of qualitative and quantitative methods, including advanced econometrics, counterfactual analysis, RCTs, QCA, CBA, modelling, contribution analysis, case study design and interviews. 

Matthias is a highly experienced project manager, managing large international teams for clients throughout Europe (the Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Belgium, France), Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Rwanda and South Africa) and international organisations such as the European Commission, UNESCO, OECD, GIZ and the African Development Bank. Matthias is fluent in both Dutch and English, and has a good command of French.

Matthias holds a PhD in behavioural innovation economics from Radboud University and an M.Sc. in Economics (distinction) from Trinity College Dublin. He has a part-time position as associated researcher to the Institute of Management Research Nijmegen, where his research focuses on problemistic search and challenge-oriented innovation. He recently launched a new collaborative research project on measuring firm-level contribution to SDGs using novel data sources, functioning as supervisor and co-promotor.

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