EU roadmap highlights key industrial technologies for the textile, construction and energy-intensive industries to become more circular

Publication date: 27 januari 2023 | Report language: EN

The Commission published today the new European Research Area (ERA) industrial technology roadmap for circular technologies and business models. It identifies key circular technologies and innovation needs for the textile, construction and energy-intensive industries. It calls for a comprehensive approach to develop and adopt those technologies at all stages of the materials and products life cycle. Use of circular technologies in the industrial sectors will contribute to reducing pressure on natural resources and to the EU’s climate neutrality target for 2050.

The roadmap highlights investment needs which will help EU industry to further strengthen its position as a global leader. The EU has the highest share (32%) of companies worldwide active in circular economy technologies compared to e.g. the US (20%) and China (4.4%). The EU is also leading in circular economy technology inventions in absolute terms and as a share of green inventions at global level.

Technopolis Group supported the roadmapping process, the technological assessment and provided input to this report.