Yann Cadiou

Principal Consultant

Offices: France
Email: yann.cadiou@technopolis-group.com

Yann Cadiou is a Principal Consultant based in the French office of Technopolis Group.

Yann Cadiou holds a PhD in economics at Paris VII University on a comparison between French and Japanese research and innovation systems in the context of globalisation (2001). His main areas of competence are macroeconomic analysis, the study of the trajectories of regional and national research and innovation systems, science-technology-economy relationships, and Japanese and South-eastern Asian countries economies. He has major experience with the production and use of S&T indicators for policy at regional, national and international level. Yann’s PhD research was financed by the French Ministry of Research.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Dr. Cadiou worked as project manager at the Observatoire des Sciences et des Technique (OST), an entity of the French Evaluation Agency For Research and Higher Education in charge of the production of S&T indicators, especially relating to research, development and innovation systems for actors and decision makers, on regional, national, EU and international level. At the OST, he was responsible of the regional/sub national studies: data processing and statistics, production of science and technology indicators, strategic evaluation and science policy analyses. He has developed new indicators for a better assessment of the knowledge-based economy, particularly at the sub-regional level.

Since he joined Technopolis Group, Dr. Cadiou provides evaluation and strategic advice to policy makers in the area of research, education, innovation, and economic development. Yann is particularly in charge of regional evaluations and foresight studies.

Yann is a French native speaker. He works in English and has notions of German.

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